Sustainable living

Imse Vimse

Imse Vimse came about from a mother who started to use cloth nappies as her daughter reacted badly to disposables and the cloth nappies were much kinder to her skin. It grew from there and right from the start Imse Vimse have marketed their products on the basis of their benefits to the environment and health. Their aim is to be the most environmentally friendly company in the industry.

Strict demands for the environment quality and working conditions

They develop and source high-quality materials from around the world. For the sake of the environment they have chosen to use cotton that is organically cultivated, so that they can be certain of offering customers pure products. Production takes place mainly in Europe, primarily in Latvia, but also in Turkey, among others.

They impose strict demands on suppliers and manufacturers, and carry out annual checks on the conditions in their factories. They also require that they meet quality standards, environmental requirements and working conditions.

Cleansing Pads
Cloth wipes
Cloth nappies
Reusable cloth sanitary pads
Nursing pads
Swim nappies
Swim wear
Bandana bibs